Textbook 3-8

How To Do Backside Lipslides To ReverseBy Ian Parnell

“I learned this trick last year on a trip to Costa Rica with Mike Morrisey and Dustin Hein. If you want to learn how to do this trick, my best advice would be to keep up your speed, and don’t be scared to eat shit a bunch of times before you make one.”-Ian

1. Come off the bottom like you’re going to do a standard backside off-the-top.2.

3. Once you get to the top of the wave, extend your turn a bit farther than normal, thus releasing your fins.4.

3. Now that your fins are free, whip the tail of your board toward the beach.

5. Stay balanced and centered over your board. Ride backward or fakie for a bit.6.

5. Finally, just stay relaxed and stand up. Let the nose of your board come around naturally. Then pat yourself on the back for completing the move successfully.