The 2001 NSSA Nationals-Day One

Day One Of The NSSA Nationals
Carlsbad finally does it.

Although this is the first report from the NSSA Nationals held at Lower Trestles in San Clemente, California, the contest actually began last Saturday and Sunday. Those two days, held at Salt Creek in Laguna Beach, were the NSSA National Middle School, High School, College, and Airshow Championships. And following up on their state title, the Carlsbad high Lancers lived up to the hype and finally took their first national championship, beating San Clemente 133 to 122 points. After all those years of great Carlsbad teams, this year’s was the first¿pretty weird.

In the individual results, Joel Centeio of James Campbell High in Hawaii didn’t shock anyone and won the mens high school division. Helena Suhiro, of Kekaulike high in Hawaii, took the high school womens division.

The college division was taken by Long Beach State, also their first, and the individual mens and womens titles were taken by Sean Walker of Santa Barbara and Kyla Langen of MiraCosta(her second college title) respectively.

The middle school champs, again for the second year, was Shore Cliffs with Tanner Gudauskas as the individual champ. Kristen Cummins won the girls division for Bernice Ayer Middle School.

In the Air Show Nationals, Carlsbad’s Josh Montgomery made it a double header and won a 4,000 dollar scholarship.

[IMAGE 1]As for the first day of the contest, today’s heats were one round of men, one round of juniors, one round of boys, and one round of elders (seniors). Highlights included Airshow champ Josh Montgomery beating Dustin Cuizon and surfing very well, Joel Centeio, Dane Johnson, Kekoa Bacalso, Eric Taylor, and a host of other usual suspects winning heats.

One underdog you can’t look past is Greg Long. All year long, Greg’s been making finals and winning and looks primed for a surprise at Trestles. He’s the best sponsorless kid around and rips Trestles like he owns it because his dad’s the Head Lifeguard. In his heat, he got four ten’s and a 9.5 on his first wave and followed it up on his third with five perfect tens¿watch out for Greg.

The conditions in the morning suffered from the super low tides. As the day went on, it got better and better and was surprisingly good. Although the wave reports claim some very small conditions tomorrow, they also claim a Southwest is on the way starting later that night. Until tomorrow.¿AC