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Billabong Surf With A Pro Kandui Resort: Day 9

Once again, it’s been an amazing trip to Kandui Resort in the Mentawais. A bunch of the campers got the best waves of their lives,, and everyone’s surfing improved over the course of ten days with the assistance of Dave Rastovich and Shane Dorian.

The crew spilt up into two groups today, one going to Bankvaults and another headed to a spot that shall remain nameless. The nameless spot was a slurpy little left that had a nice tube on take off followed up by a bash-friendly wall. Aside from two feral dudes, we were the only one on it. We shared tube after tube, with the goofyfooters applying the arm-drag technique to slow down and get into the barrel. The campers follower Rasta and Dorian’s advice and scored!

Meanwhile at Bankvaults, it “wasn’t that good,” according to initial reports. The photos proved otherwise (see above from the day 9 gallery). We’re now posted up in the bar recounting the epic waves ridden the new friends made. The trip was just capped off with an epic session at Four Bobs with eight of us out there (including the film crew who worked their asses off on this trip) sharing waves and heckling each other relentlessly.

Terima Kasih to Kandui Resort, Billabong, Dave and Shane, Paul from Perth, Margi the best bartender in the world, Josh Harper from Billabong Camps, Soja the ripper, Matt Beauchesne, Ryan Young, Laidi the fish killer, Anthony Marcotti, Jenny, and the coolest guy in the world, All Day Ray Wilcoxen. See you all next year!

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