The Down Under Diaries

Down Under Diaries

The Down Under Diaries—TransWorld SURF Raids The Gold Coast

Monday March 9

Bede Durbidge Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast

How sick is the web cast!

8:24 Couple notes…

-This Quiksilver Pro Web cast rules! It’s raining on the beach but nice and cozy on my own couch—and I get replays!

-Whatever idiot (myself) previously said that Mick was having surfboard issue was obviously wrong.

-CJ and Damo are monsters on their backhands! Their coaching from Chris Gallagher is paying off in dividends.

-Parko has luck on his side after that last second barrel ride that put him over Chris Davidson. That should be scary for the other guys…

-Web announcers Martin Potter, Todd Kline, and Ronnie Blakey are ripping, The Snake is having a rough one…

6:28 PM Holy shit did I leave at a bad time! I’m kicking myself as I sit here watching Jihad and CJ go at it during round 4 of the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast in throating sandbar barrels at Coolangatta Beach—just in between Snapper and Kirra. On call since early this morning, the waves were junk all day but have since cleaned up. Cleaned up nice might I add…CJ just beat Jihad. Parko vs Davo…This is gonna be good! Exclusive photo gallery coming soon…Watch the event live HERE