The latest Ocean Minded News And Events.

Check out Shaun Ward in the new full page Ocean Minded ad in the August 2005issue of Transworld SURF.

Ocean Minded welcomes Maui ripper, Kevin Sullivan to the team.

Luke Davis had a great run at the NSSA West Coast Championships this year. Hewon the “Mini Airshow” , 2nd in Open Boys, and 5th in Explorer Menehuene. Can’t wait to see what he pulls off at Nationals this year in June!

Riley Metcalf was not able to surf with his fellow team riders at the NSSA WestCoast Championships this year due to a broken knee cap. I hope he heals in timefor Nationals…

Longboard wizard Joeseph Aaron had a good run this year in the NSSA. He was the youngest competitor in his division, taking 6th in the final at the NSSA WestCoast Championships.

Colleen Mehlberg surfed into the final in the Open & Explorer Women’s division in the NSSA West Coast Championships this year. She was, however, not able to surfin her final heats due to illness. Look for her at the NSSA National this year.

Dane Ward had an impressive season this year in the NSSA. He came from behindin the final by punting a huge frontside double grab rail air to take 2nd in theExplorer Juniors at the West Coast Championships. Look for an impressiveperformance at Nationals… Lowers is his home break.