The New School Grows Up

Evening drew near and the flocks of photo-crazed pros thinned at Rocky Rights, but Fred stayed out and picked off more than a few gems. Luckily for us, he made a connection with photographer Dave Bjorn as the afternoon light became magic. The spoils of his efforts paid off with a beautiful moment caught on film.


As a crew of young kids, Fred and the other young Hawai'ians ruled the NSSA Nationals and were deemed “supergroms.” Now as young adults, they're rising to the occasion and carving their mark as the top pro surfers they were destined to be. Guys like Tory Barron, Joel Centio, Jason Shibata, Sean Moody, Jamie O'Brien, Makua Rothman, and Kalani Briley, to name a few, have emerged as some of Hawai'i's top prospects.

This winter especially, Fred Patacchia earned respect and a nice paycheck when he won the XCEL Pro at Sunset. Fred was all over the North Shore this year. The child star has been trudging along the WQS road for the majority of the year, and now that he's back home, it's time to relax and surf the waves he loves.