The Photographer Series: Brent Bielmann

The Photographer Series: Brent Bielmann

The Photographer Series is an ongoing project that we’ll be dropping on the web as a way to highlight the incredible work our senior photographers do. Up first is North Shore native Brent Bielmann. Brent’s uncle is longtime TWS photog Brian Bielmann, a person who Brent points to as an influence and mentor. See below for a short interview with Brent and enjoy his body of work in the gallery above.

TransWorld SURF: How long have you been shooting surf photos?

Brent Bielmann: Seven years.

Favorite waves to shoot?

Pipeline and Backdoor.

Favorite subjects to shoot?

Anything shot in the ocean. I love landscapes and showing a subject’s surroundings.

Favorite spot to shoot outside of Hawaii?

I’d have to narrow it down to Tahiti, the clarity of the water is out of control!

What kind of fins do you use when swimming?


Current go-to camera?

Canon 1D Mark IV.

Gnarliest experience while shooting in the water?

If you shoot in the water enough or in big waves, your gonna get pounded sooner or later. I’ve been pounded a nice amount, most of its a blur. Honestly it kinda gets me all fired up though, keeps it exciting. I’ve seen a few people die in the ocean or come extremely close. That’s a humbling experience. To realize that your not immortal and the ocean demands respect.

What photographers work do you admire?

Brian Bielmann, Annie Leibovitz, Ansel Adams, and Michael Muller.

Best advice you could give an up and coming photographer?

It seems like everyone these days wants to be a photographer. It won’t happen overnight. Be passionate about what you love and put time in. Don’t try to duplicate another person’s style, be creative and shoot a unique angle.

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Australia. Photo by Brent Bielmann.