The Rob Machado Par Three Experience

On Monday, September 30, Rob Machado and a rag-tag group of pro surfers, industry types, celebrities, and bros got together for the second annual Rob Machado Par Three Experience—a charity golf tournament and silent auction held in Solana Beach, California benefiting the Rob Machado Foundation and Boarding For Breast Cancer.


The tournament was kind of different from your average golf off where everybody goes for the lowest scores possible and gets all competitive and shit. Rob’s is more about fun (and drinking tons of beer). Every golfer was supplied a fresh set of Callaway’s provided by the company itself and the format was one where the four-man teams hit their shots and played the best ones all the way through the putt. Basically, every team shot par, the better ones were able to get birdies and PGA-style scores.

Whether it was a hole where golfers actually threw the first shot or another where old school drivers were required, the atmosphere, cheating and all, wasn’t serious. In fact, it’s more like a party. Pros such as Benjamin Weatherley, Nathaniel Curran, and Rob Machado didn’t participate in foursomes, they skipped from team to team making key shots and acted like ringers at every hole. Last year’s champs and perennial favorites, the Machado family, were allowed to golf, but they weren’t allowed to win. Team Hurley with Jeff Hurley at the helm took the overall prize (their score still would’ve beat the Machados) at the end of the day. To top it off, Wahoo’s fed everyone and Canadian surperstar/recording artist Rene Rene, brought down the house with a live performance of his new CD soon to hit shelves everywhere.


Good food, Reef chicks, beer, bad golf, and tons of fun highlighted this year’s event and has everyone looking forward to new and innovative ways of cheating at next year’s. Good job Rob.








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