The Search For Miss May

Week 4: Chalk it up to a hangover from week 3 (or the Reef party last night) but this week kinda blows…time to pick a Miss May though! Any suggestions?

Week 3: A flood of entries mark week three of the search for Miss May. It’s a good mix of amateur shots and those done by a pro. Who’s your favorite for Miss May? Let us know in the comment section.

Week 2: Happy Friday! Not a bad crop of entries this week. My favorite was Daniela from the North Shore of Oahu who showed the proper way to wax a surfboard and never met a g-string bikini she didn’t like. Enjoy the weekend and feel free to cast your vote for Miss May in the comment box.

Week 1: As of a few days ago, May was off to a rocky start with an “over 40 erotic romance author” as the lone Model Search contestant. First off, “over 40” and “erotic” should never, ever, be in the same sentence. That was a rough one. The week was thankfully salvaged by a few gorgeous girls in their 20s, Melissa from Stockton being the best of the bunch. Enjoy your weekend and make sure to cast your vote for who you think should be Miss May in the comment section below.


To enter the TransWorld SURF Model Search email your photos (make ’em big jpegs) to You must be 18 to enter. Winners will receive a free bikini from B. Swim, shades courtesy of Spy Optics, and an interview in TransWorld SURF Magazine.