The TransWorld SURF/NSSA Surfer Of The Month

Brett Simpson
Age: 17
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 140 lbs.
From: Garden Grove, California
Sponsors: O’Neill, Dragon, Allyco, Jack’s, T. Patterson, Creatures Of Leisure, Reef


At this point in time, Brett Simpson’s a freight train without brakes. His surfing is steaming ahead, and there’s no stopping the wheels of his young surf career. The kid from Garden Grove, who began competing only a couple of years ago, seems to get better and better, and his dedication to the sport is definitely paying off?everyone’s finally noticing.

Brett’s the TransWorld SURF/ NSSA January Surfer Of The Month for many reasons. For starters, he won the January Open at Seaside Reef on January 5-6. Then he came back the next week and took the Juniors’ victory at the AA-rated Explorer number five at Huntington Beach Pier. He also took second at Explorer number six at Oceanside Pier on January 26-27. He’s currently in first in the Explorer Juniors’ division and second in the Open Mens’. Congratulations to Brett.