Transworld Shop Stop Hits Florida

Before heading off to Surf Expo in Orlando next month, Transworld will be taking a little road trip in central Florida for our first ever ‘Transworld Shop Stop’. In our attempt to get to know our retailers a bit better outside of the Surf Expo atmosphere, we’ll be stopping by a few shops who were more than happy to participate in team surf and skate demos. We’ll shoot photos for our websites, provide tents and food, and give out plenty of free swag to the participants while the shops get their surf and skate teams together, demo some new boards and products and put on a show for the everyone who shows up. Here’s what we’re attempting to pull off:

-Wednesday, September 10th, 9am. Maui Nix Surf Shop Main Street Pier, Daytona Beach, FL 32118 (Subject to Change). Shred with the Maui Nix surf team, get your photo taken for, eat some grub, take our stuff.
-Wednesday, September 10th, 2 pm. Inlet Charley’s II 2015 S. Ridgewood Ave, Edgewater, FL 32141. Skate with the Inlet Charley’s team, get your mug shot taken for, stuff your gut, and grab some promo.

-Thursday, September 11th, 9am. Catalyst 209 Ocean Ave., Melbourne Beach, FL 32951 (Subject to change). Ride the latest .Lost boards, surf with the Catalyst team, get a pic taken for, grab some donuts and a cup of joe, and get the latest Transworld gear.

-Thursday, September 11th, 2pm. DiSk8. 1270 N. Wickham Rd., Melbourne, FL 32935. Show off your best tricks with the DiSk8 skate team, score a sequence to post on, mow down some free food, and of course grab free promo.

Transworld is only going to be in town for a couple days, so show up to blow up!