Two Photographers In One Tube

The photos on this page may just look like an out-of-order sequence of fish-eye water shots–but au contraire, mon frere. It's actually Myles Padaca pulling into a West Oz barrel for two different TransWorld SURF photographers. In the first frame, Myles is about twelve feet away from the 15mm fish-eye lens of Dave Troyer. After dropping in, Myles travels about ten feet toward the camera, Dave ducks underwater, narrowly missing being run over. After passing Dave, Myles keeps pumping in the barrel and into the line of sight of Jack English (about ten feet away from Dave) who is also shooting with a 15mm fish-eye. Next thing you know, we're all tripping on some sequence shit.–C.C.

Total distance traveled by Myles: 24 feet.

Total number of shots taken: eight.

Total number of photographers: two.

Total number of people tripping out on this sequence: four-million.