Tales From The North Shore Of Oahu

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Above: Messing around on a small day at Castle Rock near Log Cabins on the North Shore of Oahu. It’s the shallowest, most f—ked up reef ever yet Gavin Beschen and former pro/shaper Noah Budroe were all over it. I hope you watch this ‘cuz I bounced off the reef several times while filming.

Tuesday, December 14

I flew home last night and already I’m missing the North Shore. It was an amazing two weeks filled with surf and good times with lots of great friends. The best part of the North Shore this time of the year isn’t the surf, it’s seeing the whole surfing tribe gathered in one special place. Yeah it can get crowded, but there is always somewhere to score if you know where to go. I’d like to thank all the local North Shore folks who put up with the influx of surfers and share their home with us. Can’t wait to get back over there, hopefully at the end of January for the Volcom Pipeline Pro…

I’ll be watching the Pipe Masters from work here in Carlsbad, CA. just like the rest of the world, and while I’m supposed to be neutral, I’m pulling for John Florence to take out Kelly Slater when the comp fires up (probably Wednesday).

One more thing, what’s up with Hawaiian Airlines charging $200 for three surfboards in one not-so-big board bag? The food sucked, too. The best part of the experience was having a beer with EG from Sector 9 at Stinger Ray’s at the Honolulu airport.

Aloha and mahalo for checking out the blog!

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