Unseen Tahiti

Unseen Tahiti

For years now we’ve all been floored by the images of Teahupo‘o. The power and beauty of the wave is simply unbelievable. That said, there are more waves of consequence than “The End Of The Road.” In fact, Tahiti is ringed by great surf that rarely goes documented. So while the spot featured above is far from a secret spot (and frequented by a dedicated pack of talented locals) there’s no reason to name it, go find out for yourself where it is.

Unseen Tahiti featuring Alex Gray, Dave Wassel, Shane Dorian, Tikanui Smith, Alain Riou, Manoa Drollet, Tinhin Didier, Hira Terinatoofa, and more. All photos by Brent Bielmann.

Tikanui Smith

Tikanui Smith at “Spot X” in Tahiti. Photo: photobrent