Volcom Beach Clean Up

Yesterday was Earth Day and what did you do? Probably nothing. I’m guessing you drove your SUV around , let the sprinkler system run for hours, and went to bed with the T.V. on.

I bet you’re asking, well what the hell did you do? Not a whole lot, but I did help clean a beach, thanks to the great folks over at Volcom. You’re probably saying, “oh wow, one beach.” Well, you know what it all adds up. People drive around with stickers on their cars, “Save This,” Save That,” and don’t ever do anything to save it. You know what, “Save Something,” no matter how small. If everyone in the world saved one thing a day the Earth would be a better place.

Back to the beach cleanup. It was mostly Volcom employees, with a team rider here and there, sprinkled with a few civilians. Even, the man behind The Stone, Volcom CEO, Richard “Wooly” Woolcott, took time out of running one of the biggest companies in the industry to help pick up trash.

Now, the goal is to keep this beach and all others clean. Let’s clean the beach everyday, not just Earth Day. If every time you go to the beach, you pick up one piece of trash, you’ve just saved something for the day. If every person did this every time they went to the beach, our shore lines would be in much better condition.

Here’s some photos from the day all taken by …MORINformed except the last one, which was taken by Volcom surf team manager, Mike Guarino:

The man behind The Stone, Richard ?Wooly? Woolcott.

Super Grom, Andrew Doheny.

Jack Morrissey and Mike Guarino.

Ford Archbold and friend.

Brad Doherty

Beach cleaners


?MORINformed and his bizarro red coated, jockey friend at Volcom Headquarters. Photo: Guarino

For more info on how Volcom is helping to make a difference go to http://volcom.com/news/article.asp?sid=&articleID=2588