Volcom Blowfish Season Finale Results

The final event of the Blowfish Surf Series went down in solid 4-5ft surf  Saturday February 28th, 2004 at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas.  Over 90 competitors showed up to compete for cash, prizes, braging rights and most of all VQS champship slots. The kids were amped just to able to post up in their local hood and surf some heats.  “I’m stoked to be able to come down and just hang out with my friend and surf a fun event at our local spot” said Morgan Murphy.

The groms had their work cut out for them is in the sizable surf of D Street. In the final it was Ian Barry picking up the sixth place, with Myles Stephens in fifth, and Brad Haggland in fourth. It was tight race from first to third with Ryan Burch taking third, Josh Hromin in second, and Bret Reilly taking home the win, a skatedeck from Santa Cruz, and a bag full of gear.

In the Juniors final it was Den Jennings in sixth, Conner Burke in fifth, Scott Hammunds in forth, and Cameron Rondo in third, In a close second was Dan House, with Kasey Doyle picking up the win.

In a heated Pro-Am final it came down to the wire between the top three spots. In sixth was Nick Kovack, Josh Buran in fifth, and Nate Ybarra in fourth, In a respectable third was Austin Ware, with a very close second that went to Eli Mirandon, who took home $50 cash and bag full of gear. Taking home the win, $200 in cash, a Sector9 skatedeck, and bag full of gear, was local Zack Keenan.

1.Zack Keenan $200
2.Eli Mirandon $50
3.Austin Ware
4.Nate Ybarra
5.Josh Buran
6.Nick Kovack

1.Kasey Doyle
2.Dan House
3.Cameron Rondo
4.Scott Hammonds
5.Conner Burke
6.Den Jennings
1.Brent Reilly
2.Josh Hromin
3.Ryan Burch
4.Brad Haggland
5.Myles Stephens
6.Ian Barry