Volcom Fiji Pro: Warm Up Session And Kava Ceremony

Day 1 for us here on Tavarua. Had a pleasant flight from LAX to Nadi and made it to Tavarua before noon. After a quick lunch most of the pros went out to Cloudbreak which was 4-foot to double overhead depending upon who you asked. Opting for something a bit less crowded, my brother and I surfed chest-high Restaurants all to ourselves. Not a bad way to start the trip…BULA baby!

From all accounts the contest will be ON tomorrow, so if you’re on the West Coast it’ll start streaming around 1 or 2 pm. Get your work done early and log on to transworldsurf.com to watch the world’s best tear apart 4-foot to double overhead Cloudbreak. You can be the judge on how big it is…

Chief Druku

Chief Druku gets the Volcom Fiji Pro party started. Photo: Bielmann/SPL