Volcom Pipe Pro: Day 1 Highlights

Volcom Pipe Pro: Day 1 Highlights

After five fun-filled “lei days,” the Volcom Pipe Pro kicked off in anything but fun conditions. The offshore buoys kicked up big time last night and by the time we were able to see the surf this morning there were waves capping on the third reef at Pipeline. The contest was green lighted and the “Warriors” were out there.

The first round of heats was for local trialists who hadn’t accrued enough ASP points to get seeded into the main event. Making it through the talented field of local rippers was North Shore lifeguard Dave Wassel, local Pipe standout Kawai Lindo, Volcom wildcard Parker Coffin, and a surfer to be determined.

Dave Wassel

Dave Wassel. Photo: Bielmann/SPL

South Shore surfer Nakamura might (not sure yet it’s TBD right now) make it into the main event by default after Kauai’s Stephen Koehne suffered a grisly injury in his second heat of the day. “I was underwater and just felt my board shoot back at me and spear me in the leg—my fin just shot into my thigh,” he said after getting three layers of stitches from Dr. Leland Dao. Shaking in pain and with a giant “puka” in his leg as he called it, he does have a two-page spread in the new issue of TransWorld SURF that ought to make him feel a bit better., but if he’s unable to go, Nakamura will get his spot.

Just as the local trials finished up the surf really began cranking up and it was breaking way beyond the third reef, in fact, Pipeline mainstay Liam McNamara called it, “Fifth reef Pipe,” and contest officials wisely called the event off for the day.

With another week left in the waiting period and more than enough swell lining up for the Hawaiian Islands, expect an action-packed next couple of days at the Volcom Pipe Pro.

Watch the Volcom Pipe Pro live on right here on transworldsurf.com or download the free Volcom app to watch the event from your smartphone at http://vol.cm/znDvrg.

Surfers shown in order of 1st through 4th. Scores shown are based on each surfer’s best 2 rides and are out of a maximum 20 points.

Trials Round 1
H1: Tom Dosland (Haw) 7.33pts: David Wassel (Haw) 6.06pts; Derek Ho (Haw) 3.00pts: Morgan Faulkner (Haw) 0.00pts

H2: Stephen Koehne (Haw) 11.37pts; Parker Coffin (USA) 8.34pts; Eala Stewart (Haw) 7.73pts; Mark Healey (Haw) 5.83pts

H3: Edrick Baldwin (Haw) 5.34pts; Jason Frederico (Haw) 3.26pts; Burger Nozaki (Haw) 1.67pts; Kamalei Alexander (Haw) 0.00pts

Trials Round 2
H1: David Wassel (Haw) 7.34pts; Stephen Koehne (Haw) 7.27pts; Ezra Sitt (Haw) 4.00pts; Tom Dosland (Haw) 1.70pts

H2: Parker Coffin (USA) 5.70pts; Kawai Lindo (Haw) 3.67pts; Edrick Baldwin (Haw) 1.80pts; Jason Frederico (Haw) 1.50pts

Round 1 H1: Oliver Kurtz (USA) 7.37pts; Mikey Bruneau (Haw) 7.33pts; Dege O’ Connell (Haw) 2.00pts; Matthew Bromley (ZAF) 1.23pts

H2: Derek Peters (USA) 5.50pts; Fisher Heverly (USA) 4.00pts; Charlie Carroll (Haw) 3.33pts; Kahea Hart (Haw) 2.44pts