VQS Championships: Final Day Photos And Video Highlights

The Totally Twisted Crustaceans Of Metal Rock Newport Beach

When the going gets tough, the tough grow their hair, put on spandex, and rock out with their c—k out. At least that’s what the contestants, commentators, and spectators of the 2011 VQS Championships did this weekend at 54th Street in Newport Beach, California. The waves and weather didn’t cooperate, but that didn’t stop the glammed-out heavy metal masses from showing up and blowing up. The three-day event is the annual championships for Volcom’s free series of contests (VQS Series) that are held in nearly every surfable country on Earth. Competitors from Japan, Peru, Brazil, Hawaii, Florida, and all over the map converged to battle it out in two-to-three foot Newps mini-wedges.

Every year Volcom ups the ante when it comes to prizes, and this year was no different, sitting on the beach was a brand new custom Muscle Milk Harley Davidson—the grand prize for the Pro-Am division. And in case you need gas money for that hog, there was a $10,000 check included—not bad for a contest that’s free to enter.

If you had the chance to get down to the beach and join in the heavy metal fun, you probably walked away with a grip of free gear, and if you were one of the lucky competitors that made a final, you no doubt walked away with a big bag of radness and some cash. Those of us who watched the event online were treated to the funniest webcast ever with Bruce Irons, Alex Grey, Barney, and bros donning their glam-metal best and letting loose with a no-hold-barred barrage of awesomeness.

When the hair spray cleared and the tally sheets were tabulated, Andrew Doheny rode off the beach with a brand new Harley and $10,000 for winning the pro-am. Chris “Chippa” Wilson from Australia won the airshow, Ian Crane won the Wyld Stallions (Juniors), Leila Hurst won the Groupies (women’s), Kanoa Igarashi won the groms division, and Barron Mamiya won the squids division.

Heavy metal rules, and so does the VQS Championships! Go to Volcom.com to find out how you can join the fun next year.—Chris Coté

2011 VQS Championships Pro-Am winner Andrew Doheny. Photo: jackenglish.com

2011 VQS Championships Pro-Am winner Andrew Doheny. Photo: jackenglish.com

All photos courtesy surfimages.com.