Waiting For Good Things

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INCONSISTENT swell of marginal quality has forced the continued postponement of the Billabong Pro Tahiti at Teahupoo this morning. Under low grey skies thatpersevere in dumping persistent showers with passing heavy squalls, the swelldecreased further overnight, making today’s 6.30am call an almost automaticone without much deliberation.

Needless to say, there are still waves out there on the reef, but it ‘ s only2-3 ‘ with the occasional four footer, and even if it was bigger, the fact isthat it ‘ s way too inconsistent to conduct 25 or 30 minute heats. Competitorswould be a long way from happy to be put out there, especially when their openinground one heats are three-man, instead of man-on-man. That makes consistency evenmore crucial.

The regularity of the sets was the problem yesterday as well, even though thewaves were 3-5 ‘ with a couple of bigger ones. Many of the boys had severalsessions out there during the day.

” It was definitely averaging 4-5 ‘ out there yesterday, and really fun whenthe waves eventually come through, ” said Hawaii’ s Kalani Robb who wasamongst the gang surfing the famous reef yesterday.

” I got a couple of good barrels, and so did Occy and Bruce (Irons). Thereprobably would have been maybe two waves in about 90 minutes that were definitelysix footers. Just not enough of them! ” concluded Kalani.

” It ‘ s trying on all of us maybe, yeah – but good things come to peoplewho wait! ” smiled Luke Egan who, along with the vast majority of the Foster’ s Men ‘ s Tour Top 45, declined having any early surf this morning due to howsmall it was. When it ‘ s that small at Teahupoo, the shallow reef is reallydangerous.

” There ‘ s still a couple of chunky ones out there, but it ‘ s not reallyworth the wait, ” commented San Clemente ‘ s storming rookie Chris Ward as hewatched the distant lineup from the Teahupoo village End Of The Road carpark. Hedrove off back home after about 20 minutes of hopeful scanning.

Predictions look much better for the weekend with Swellnet ‘ s Ben Matsonforecasting the swell to rise on Friday afternoon.

The next report for the event will be at 6.30am tomorrow, Thursday morning May 12th. Billabong Pro Live Webcast: via www.billabongpro.comand www.aspworldtour.com each day of the event utilizing live coverage in English, French and Portuguese, with the event websites being translated into these three languages plus, Japanese and Spanish. Various camera angles, highlights and replays, weather and scoring information, direct viewer interaction, celebrity guests, interviews and more are a part of the daily webcast program.

(From Paul Sargeant)