Wall Of Skulls: Wade Goodall And Laurie Towner At Teahupo‘o

Wall Of Skulls: Wade Goodall And Laurie Towner At Teahupo'o

Back in May, Wade Goodall was whipped into XXL Teahupoo by good friend Laurie Towner. It was the first time he’d ever towed out at Chopes, and he handled it beautifully. Two years back, Wade suffered a horrific compound fracture just above the ankle whilst surfing in the small stuff, and figures he’s just recently made it back to 100 percent.

And then, it happened again. Yesterday, during a session out at Spooky Point in Yamba, he cased it on a drop, went over the falls, and met the bottom straight legged—snapping his femur clean in two. It’s an unfortunate turn of events for Wade, as he’s likely out another extended period of time. We wish him the best in a full and speedy recovery, and look forward to seeing him stand tall and casual in big Chopes pits again next summer.