West Coast And Hawaii Weekend Surf Forecast

West Coast And Hawaii Weekend Surf Forecast

The NPAC still has a little bit of kick left in it…but it is definitely more of a springy pattern, which isn’t the best for making waves. High pressure is still dominating most of the Central North Pacific and while it isn’t as strong as it was last week it still has enough heft to force the weakened storm track to wrap around it…


With the high blocking up most of the open ocean, any storms that manage to form have less space to work with…and the smaller the fetch, (as well as the shorter time the storm spends in your swell window), the smaller the waves that it can generate. We can still get some bigger surf during spring but the catch is that the storm is usually coming right along with it.

That is pretty much what we have going on right now…there are a couple of storms roaming around on the edge of the NPAC. There are a couple of fast moving systems that skirt up along the Aleutians…never really pushing into the open ocean proper until they reach move into the Gulf of Alaska. These storms will send some weak WNW-NW swells toward Hawaii over the next few days…just a small one for the weekend but then a couple of overhead swells that push in during the week.

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These storms eventually push into the Gulf and swing down toward the outer coastal waters just off the California/West-Coast and get one last chance to set up some surf. The first storm in this series is forecast to move into this region over the upcoming weekend…and unfortunately it looks like the bad weather associated with the cold front is going to reach our coast before the swell does…so the stupid storm will junk things up pretty bad as the new waves push in.

Further out a second storm is going to follow almost the exact pattern the first system does…it heads up along the Aleutian Island Chain, sending out a moderate NW swell to Hawaii (that hits later next week), and then swings down into the Gulf of Alaska and has the potential to set up another stormy looking swell for the West Coast.

The South Pacific on the other hand is really starting to ramp up…it doesn’t have a ton of the North/South movement that the Northern Hemi needs from the storm action to push a large swell north of the equator, but it does have a couple areas of fetch that have been kicking out some swell for breaks all over the eastern side of the Pacific Ocean.

At this point it looks like all of the regions along the West Coast as well as Hawaii are going to see a long string of overlapping S-SW swells moving out of the South Pacific for at least the next week…possibly holding onto some sort of energy till almost the end of the month.


First up is a decent sized SSW-SW swell (190-215) that started to arrive on the South Shore of Hawaii on Tuesday/Wednesday and on the West Coast on Thursday of this week with some long-period energy. For the West Coast this swell will turn more S-SSW’erly and peak Friday afternoon, holding into Saturday, and then backing down slowly Sunday/Monday. As this one peaks it looks good for chest-shoulder high+ surf at the average SSW facing breaks and head high+ sets at the standout SW facing breaks.


Further out there are a bunch more storms that roll through the SPAC…if you looked just at the flat-map version of the swell model you would start to think they weren’t all that good looking…but if you look at the model in a “globe” projection, which is the most realistic view…


…you can see that there is a whole section of the storm track that lines up well with the West Coast…some of it is shadowed by the SPAC islands but there is enough wind headed our direction that we can expect some playful swell.

For the West Coast it looks like another S-SSW swell (180-200) moves in with chest-shoulder high+ surf on April 13-14 (mostly the 14th). Then another shot of SSW-SW swell (200-220) would start filling in on the 15-16th…likely peaking late on the 16th and into the 17th. Even further out it looks like we could see more SSW swell heading our way for the 19th…but this last one still has a few days before developing.

Hawaii will see smaller versions of these swells, mostly because the swell angle is less lined up from the islands…but the islands can still expect some playful Town swells hitting on the 11-12th and again on the 14-15th.

That’s all I have for now…next forecast will be on Tuesday, check back in for the latest update…

Adam Wright
TransWorld SURF Forecaster