West Coast Weekly Surf Forecast

Plenty of surf on tap for this week…some playful sized WNW-NW swells for the next few days and a much bigger pulse of W-WNW energy lining up for the upcoming weekend. Oh did I mention that we are going to have great conditions with clear skies and offshore winds for most of the week and even some light/moderate Santa Ana winds for Southern California. Yeah…waves, good winds, and a giant Turkey dinner…does fall get any better?

Lets get into the details…for the next couple of days we are going to see a mix of fading WNW-NW energy (280-300) that pushed through over the weekend but is now dropping off. This one won't completely disappear but most of the energy is going to morph into some steeper angled NW windswell that will be pushing down the North and Central Coasts…basically a reflection of the storm's passage up through the northerly parts of the Gulf of Alaska. While the WNW-NW swell is fading out we are going to see a new mix of long-period NW swell (290-300) from that intense storm that was moving along the Aleutians late last week. This energy will be primarily focused on the spots North of Point Conception…but some of the energy will sneak into the well-exposed areas of Southern California as well…arriving down that way later on Tuesday and holding into Wednesday.


A bigger WNW swell (275-300 for NorCal and 280-300 for Socal) will start to arrive at the Northern Cal beaches early on Thursday and will peak throughout Thanksgiving day. Socal will see a few new waves from this one arriving later in the day but can expect the peak of the swell to arrive early Friday morning and then peak through the end of the work week.

Long-range charts are showing even more waves forming out the back…there are a plethora of low-pressure (that is right Pepe I said a plethora!) systems that are forecast to form in the next 4-5 days…that are showing the potential for a more wooly mix of W swell for this upcoming weekend…and then more long-period WNW-NW swells holding all the way into early December, as well as a reaaaaally out there possibility of a larger W swell showing around the 3-4th of December.



Northern California
Plenty of WNW swell (280-320) energy moving in throughout the week. New energy started to fill in on Monday and will hold through Wednesday with plenty of overhead surf on tap for the average spots and sets going an easy double-overhead at the well-exposed beach breaks. Looks like conditions are going to clean up quite a bit through midweek as well…clear skies and offshore winds will hold through the mornings at least through Wednesday and probably even Thanksgiving morning as well.

A new WNW swell (270-300) arrives and peaks on Thursday…holding into Friday. This one looks good for easy overhead+ to well overhead surf at most spots…and triple-overhead sets at the standouts. The swell period on this one is nice and long and the combo of clean conditions means that there is a good shot at some bigger waves showing at the deepwater standouts like Mavericks.


More swell will be on tap for next weekend but it looks like weather may break down some…at this point expect well-overhead surf to continue at the top spots through the end of November and into early December.

Southern California
SoCal will see a mix of Santa Ana winds and some steeply angled, but fun, NW swell (290-300) as well as a touch of SW energy for Tuesday and Wednesday. Most spots will hold around waist-chest high but the best exposed areas in Ventura, the South Bay, and San Diego will have some shoulder high+ sets. This mix will hold into early Thanksgiving day…but a stronger, and better angled WNW swell (280-300) will begin to arrive through the afternoon, eventually peaking into Friday. As this swell peaks look for consistent chest-shoulder high surf at the average spots…and overhead+ surf at those same NW standouts. Conditions look great for the next several days thanks to offshore Santa Ana winds that blow through on Tuesday/Wednesday and mostly light winds that set up for Thursday and Friday.


Look for more short-period WNW swell lining up for this Saturday and Sunday…with similar sizes to Friday but a bit junkier, particularly on Saturday as a cold front tries to push through the region. Sunday looks fun as the offshore winds try to develop again and help to clean up conditions.

By Adam Wright
Surf Forecaster