What Are You Thankful For?

“I’m thankful to be in a beautiful place like Hawaii with my best friends and family.—Dustin Humphrey, Bali, Indonesia

“I am thankful for my health, that I am able to do what I do for a living, so often people take that for granted. I’m also thankful for my freedom. If I were a woman in some gnarly country like India, I most definatly wouldn’t be a surfer, nor would I be able to follow my dreams!! Lastly, I’m so very thankful for the supportive family that I was blessed with!!!—Jodie Nelson, Long Beach, California

“I am thankful for my freinds and family, my health, happiness, and God’s grace in my life.—Rochelle Ballard, the North Shore, Oahu

“Each day.—Conan Hayes, Kona, Hawaii

“My friends, my family, my life, having a body that works, and for the world that we get to live in.—Veronica Kay, Leucadia, California

“I’m thankful for my wife and children, and the promise of eternal life in Heaven!—Brian Bielmann, the North Shore, Oahu

“I’m thankful for a lot of things: 1. I’m thankful for being a Pro Surfer, because I’ve been given the opportunity to travel around the world to surf for a living. Being sponsored is sick too, cause everything is free! 2. I’m thankful for having such supportive parents and a tight group of friends that have always got my back. “FTE” 3. I’m thankful that I live in Hawaii. Of everywhere in the world that I’ve been to, Hawaii is definitely the best!—Jason Shibata, the North Shore, Oahu

“I’m thankful that Michael Jackson is not my father!”—Jon Rose, Laguna Beach, California

“I am thankful for family and friends. I am thankful for the random acts of kindness throughout the world, and I am thankful I am healthy today.—Megan Abubo, the North Shore, Oahu

“For everything that I have.—Rob Machado, Cardiff By The Sea, California

“I’m thankful for the hot new thanksgiving dish called the ‘Turducken.’ It’s a turkey, stuffed with a duck, that’s stuffed with a chicken. It’s a challenge to cook, but if you get it right, you’ll be tasting the sweet loins of three different kind of fowl in one meal. And, it’s fun to stuff birds into birds. I like to watch my mom do it.—Chris Cote


“I’m thankful for family & friends, my girl Monica, and two dogs Fiona & Bianca. I’m also thankful to be a surfer.—Matt Rockhold, Santa Cruz, California

“I’m thankful for being blessed with this love I have for surfing, that’s something that gets bigger and bigger every day. Of course I’m thankful for having such a supportive family and friends, and for all the incredible people I got to meet around the world. I learned a lot from everyone, more than everything that friendship is the real wealth and, when all is said and done, is what stands forever. I look at my non surfing buddies and realize how fortunate I am to get to see the world and meet people everywhere, and that’s all about surfing. To sum it up, I’m thankful for being a surfer.—Emiliano Cataldi, Rome, Italy

“I’m thankful to have a good life, family, and friends—that’s what we need the most in our lives.—Rizal Tanjung, Bali, Indonesia

“I’m thankful for the soldiers risking their lives in Iraq so I can live a comfortable life. I’m thankful for the chance to do what I love. I’m thankful for two loving parents. I’m thankful I’m able to live my life comfortably and not have to worry about war, starvation, natural disasters, disease, or any other calamity that seems to strike the world on a consistent basis. Most of all, I’m thankful to be alive.—Aaron Checkwood, Oceanside, California