Who’s On Tour In 2011

2010's altered lineup to give you the new 2011 tour.

TransWorld SURF‘s spin on the new ASP World Tour lineup. With some exciting new additions as well as our old favorites, 2011 is shaping up to be a banner year for the World Tour.

The 2011 ASP World Tour top 34 was compiled like this: the top 22 from the 2010 ASP World Tour, the next 10 from the One World Rankings, an injury wildcard (Kai Otton), and the empty slot for the deceased Andy Irons (Gabe Kling).

As far as the rotations that we’ve been hearing about for next year, the first one will occur following the sixth stop on the 2011 ASP World Tour (the tentative contest on the East Coast of America). This new top 34, which unleashes at Lowers for the Hurley Pro, will come strictly from the ASP One World Rankings.

Here’s next year’s top 34, in order, with a quick rundown on each surfer.

1. Kelly Slater: He’s got the tenth World Title he’d been gunning for—does that mean he doesn’t want number 11? Let the annual rumors and guessing games begin.

2. Jordy Smith: Jordy has proven that he is a World Title contender. If the bald man packs it in, Jordy has to be the favorite.

3. Taj Burrow: Taj is still good enough to win comps and finish in the top three, but still hasn’t put together a World-Title-winning year.

4. Mick Fanning: When Mick surfs like he did in France he’s a good shot at a World Title. Look for him to be a favorite for the World Title in 2011.

5. Bede Durbidge: Scored the highest heat total of the year (19.30) on the Gold Coast. Dangerous in any conditions especially big rights.

6. Dane Reynolds: How many more years will Dane continue to be the most exciting surfer on the tour yet not win events?

7. Adrian Buchan: Ace bounced back after a frustrating 2009 on tour to replant himself in his rightful spot as highest ranked goofyfooter on tour.

8. Owen Wright: After an initial stumble there was no looking back for the 2010 Rookie of the Year.

9. Jeremy Flores: Can Flores continue to stay “in love with surfing” and fight off that early burnout he was exhibiting earlier this year?

10. Adriano De Souza: Pint-sized regularfoot leads the Brazilian World Title charge.

11. C.J. Hobgood: C.J. was Mr. Consistent in 2009 (not finishing any event lower than 9th) and this year was just the opposite (finishing just three events 9th or higher). Which C.J. will show up in 2011?

12. Michel Bourez: The Spartan won’t blow you away with his tricks but he’s consistent and powerful a la Taylor Knox.

13. Chris Davidson: We need more characters like Davo on tour.

14. Jadson Andre: Amazing talent but needs to prove he’s more than a one-trick pony.

15. Damien Hobgood: Freshly signed with Fox, Damo needs to get wins at the hollow lefts on tour.

16. Kieren Perrow: Who says you gotta do airs to be on the World Tour?

17. Brett Simpson: If every event was held at a beachbreak Brett would be in business.

18. Joel Parkinson: When injury free, Parko is the most dangerous surfer on tour and overdue for a World Title.

19. Taylor Knox: At 39, his requalification speaks volumes to just how good of a surfer he is in the face of the air generation.

20. Heitor Alves: Back on tour, now time to prove he belongs.

21. Matt Wilkinson: Look for Wilko to jump up inside the top 20 this year—kid’s got the whole package.

22. Bobby Martinez: Had a pretty off year. Can Bobby bounce back?

23. Fredrick Patacchia: Leading the “How come there are hardly any lefts on tour?” brigade. Good question!

24. Kai Otton*: Received the injury wildcard and will take that awkward goofyfoot approach back on tour.

25. Patrick Gudauskas: Becoming more and more well-rounded which should translate into better results.

26. Tiago Pires: Powerful Portuguese surfer who would love to see more barrels on tour.

27. Adam Melling: A younger version of Mick Fanning… watch out for this guy in 2011.

28. Daniel Ross: Fitness freak wills himself to a result or two.

29. Raoni Monteiro: Stylish Brazilian back on tour after a big win at Sunset. Will he last though?

30. Josh Kerr: Back on tour for the third time, look for Kerrzy to do some damage as his surfing has grown from an “air guy” to an all around surfer who can win events.

31. Alejo Muniz (Rookie): An exciting and stylish regularfoot from Brazil. We’ll see how he adapts to the big leagues.

32. Dusty Payne: Did you see how Dusty requalified at Backdoor at the buzzer against Mick Fanning?

33. Julian Wilson (Rookie): A whiz in the small stuff, Julian needs to prove to the world he’s got what it takes to hang with the big boys. We think he can.

34. Gabe Kling*: Next in line, received the spot of the deceased Andy Irons. Looking to finally find his stride on tour this year.
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