Jordy Smith adds the backflip to his repertoire

Professional surfer Jordy Smith is ranked fourth in the world heading into this week’s Hurley Pro. That puts him smack dab in the hunt for his first ASP world title. Granted, he’ll need help to get past reigning world champion Joel Parkinson and current points leader Kelly Slater, but during a recent trip back home to South Africa Smith mastered a stunning maneuver that will certainly help his cause: the backflip. While wrapping filming of his new movie, “Now Now,” Smith stuck the move several times. Now he’s ready to unleash it in competition as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

Once thought impossible, the backflip isn’t the first big performance threshold Smith has crossed. In 2010, the rodeo flip he pulled in Indonesia earned him more than two million views. But according to Smith, the technical difficulty of the straight backflip is higher since he’s actually fully inverted, and the backwards rotation and flight pattern make it more difficult to find the landing zone. All that said, he sure makes it look easy. See for yourself.