Winter Wonderland In California

Tanner Gudauskas

2010 ASP World Tour Rookie Tanner Gudauskas in Santa Cruz. Photo: Nelly/SPL

Pat Gudauskas

Ryan Augenstein backdoors a chilly Mavericks bowl. Photo: Nelly/SPL

Peter Mel

If they decide to run it, look for Peter Mel and the rest of the Mavericks Surf Contest (what a creative name) contestants to charge some seriously large surf Wednesday. You know Pete will go… Photo: Nelly/SPL

Brad Ettinger

With the west swell direction, northern Baja wasn’t any bigger than San Diego, but a lot less crowded. Brad Ettinger samples Baja Malibu while a panga loaded with who knows what makes it’s way north… Photo: Dorsey.

Mark McNaught

Baja veteran Mark McNaught banks it off the bottom and into yet another tube. Photo: Dorsey

Johnny Craft

Monterey Bay playboy Johnny Craft brings his act down south to Baja. Photo: Dorsey

Alex Gray

Alex Gray charging outer island Baja. It was just him and the big fellas in the grey suits out there… Photo: Bryce White