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Killer whale steals halibut from angler’s hook

Rare close encounter videotaped off Alaska; orca may have been lured to boat with the hooked fish

Alaska is famous for its halibut fishing, and for its orca, or killer whale sightings. But rarely are the two videotaped simultaneously, and very few people, if any, have captured such clear footage of an orca attacking a halibut at the end of an angler's line.

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First-ever footage of rare white orca released by Russian scientists

Russian scientists have released footage of what's believed to be the world's only all-white adult male orca, which belongs to a small pod known to inhabit waters off Russia's Commander Islands in the Bering Sea. The orca was named "Iceberg" because of the way its towering white dorsal fin broke the surface of the chilly waters east of the Kamchatka Peninsula.Researchers with with the Far East Russia Orca Project spotted and photographed Iceberg twice in 2010, but are only now..

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