New frog species is part punk rocker

Mutable rain frog in Ecuador can change its skin texture from smooth to spiky in minutes, making it the first documented vertebrate to display this trait

The new frog species discovery made in the Andes of Ecuador might change way species are identified in the future. Skin change helps it hid from predators.

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Yellowstone buffalo charges, rams vehicle

Tom Carter captures video of collision that causes $2,787.82 worth of damage; blames ‘foolish tourists’ in oncoming car for chasing animals into their vehicle

Tourists parked on a road in Yellowstone watched as three buffalo galloped toward their vehicle from 200 yards off and inflicted $2,700 in damage to the car.

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Abused blind elephant given a new home

Lakhi, a 60-year-old pachyderm, was tortured by its owner, who used her as a begging elephant; she was rescued and is en route to an elephant refuge in India

Lakhi the blind elephant is being trucked 870 miles from Pune, Maharashtra, India, to the Elephant Conservation and Care Center of Wildlife SOS in Mathura.

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Amur tigers are breeding in China again

Rare footage captures evidence a breeding pair of the endangered species has established a family well inside China; decades of conservation efforts paying off

A World Wildlife Fund camera trap captured the first known video footage of an Amur tiger family inside China. Amur tigers were once nearly extinct.

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