Abused blind elephant given a new home

Lakhi, a 60-year-old pachyderm, was tortured by its owner, who used her as a begging elephant; she was rescued and is en route to an elephant refuge in India

Lakhi the blind elephant is being trucked 870 miles from Pune, Maharashtra, India, to the Elephant Conservation and Care Center of Wildlife SOS in Mathura.

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Amur tigers are breeding in China again

Rare footage captures evidence a breeding pair of the endangered species has established a family well inside China; decades of conservation efforts paying off

A World Wildlife Fund camera trap captured the first known video footage of an Amur tiger family inside China. Amur tigers were once nearly extinct.

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Best wildlife stories of 2014

Raju, the elephant that cried when it realized it was being rescued after 50 years of abuse, is No. 1 on GrindTV Outdoor’s list of best wildlife stories

The animal kingdom is full of heartwarming, funny, and amazing wildlife stories, and in 2014 none of them touched as many hearts as the story of Raju.

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Herd helps baby elephant caught in snare

As young pachyderm drags 13 feet of wire, other elephants keep slower pace, helping it along, unsnagging wire when it got caught up; rescuers remove snare

Amy Attenborough, who found the snared baby elephant, called it the “most incredible and touching four hours of elephant viewing I have ever experienced.”

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