2011 TransWorld Business Industry & Retail Awards

Editors Note: **Methodology** For 40 days, and 40 nights we tirelessly polled the industry in a two-part survey— using our patent-pending (no, not really) VIP and People’s Choice Nominations. VIP surveys were distributed by invite only to key industry executives and shop owners and were weighted as 70% of the final results. The People’s Choice polls were conducted on twsbiz.com and were weighted at 30%. Think of it as the electoral college and the popular vote. Just like our nation’s elections, well, probably more so, the votes were rigorously patrolled for fraud and to ensure only one vote was cast per person. We received thousands of responses and hundreds of votes were cast in each category.

For the complete story, pick up a copy of the January issue of TransWorld Business. In the meantime, check out what each winner had to say about strategies for completing a successful year, and check out coverage from the 2011 awards show at Agenda Long Beach earlier this month.

Industry Awards

We asked over 3,000 core retailers to weigh in on what sales reps and companies have done the most this year to help support their stores’ growth, goals ,and continued success. Here’s whom they chose and what makes these individuals and companies stand above the rest for helping the cause of specialty retailers. Click on each of the award winners for an in-depth interview on how they achieved success in 2011.

Click through the following pages to take a look at our Regional Reps of the Year, Regional Shops of the Year, and Product Awards.