2012 TransWorld Snow Conference Keynote Speakers & Topics

The 2012 TransWorld Snow Conference kicks off four weeks from today and we're finalizing the best line up of speakers to date.

As we close in on the Conference's kick off in Sun Valley, Idaho on March 13, we wanted to share some background on the event's three keynote speakers and what they'll be discussing at the Conference.

Steve Lake

March 13 – Steve Lake, Sector 9, Cofounder

In Through The Out Door…

Drawing on nearly 20 years of experience in following his own path in the skate industry, Lake will share his perspectives and insights on staying true to his vision and shaping the industry through its strength. For most of its history, Sector 9 was the proverbial under dog and even whipping boy of the skate world, but its consistent marketing, product development, and unwavering strategy has helped push the entire skate industry to follow in its tracks and has helped drive additional revenue for  specialty snow and skate shops across the world.

Learn more about Sector 9 and Steve Lake's story.

Jeff Evans

March 14 – Jeff Evans, Mountaineer, Guide, Author, Speaker, TV Personality

Lessons Beyond the Summit

Evans takes the audience on a journey to high peaks around the globe, detailing the meaningful and exciting endeavors of mountaineer and adventurer Jeff Evans.  These experiences have allowed Jeff to hone his skills of teamwork, commitment, leadership, and handling adversity which he shares in a way that is applicable to everyone in their business and personal lives.

Miles apart from a mere motivational speaker, Jeff's powerful story, which includes leading his blind friend and climbing partner to the summit of Mt. Everest, lessons learned, and personality have amazing tie ins with the snowboard industry and will resonate across brand, retail, and resort executives.

For more on Jeff visit MountainVision

Melyssa Glassman

March 15 – Melyssa Glassman, New Belgium Brewing

Building Brand Ambassadors & Creating Customers For Life

New Belgium Brewing has grown into a global phenomenon based not only on the quality of their beers, but also on their engaging marketing strategies that connect customers on a level that makes them thirsty for their brews, but more importantly passionate about their message.

What began as a small brewery in Fort Collins, Colorado is now the 3rd largest craft brewer in the country. But they keep it local through events, advocacy and their sales representatives known as Beer Rangers. Creative Director Melyssa Glassman will share the company’s marketing strategies and lessons learned, which you can take back to your brand and build not just customers, but lifelong brand ambassadors.

Check out what AdAge had to say about New Belgium's media strategy and amazing success.

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For more info on the 2012 TransWorld Snow Conference visit snowconference.com