An In-Depth Look At Early Season Snowboard Sales

Heavenly and many other resorts across the country are opening early thanks to a huge winter blast in early November. Hopefully a sign of good things to come this winter…

Following last year’s near no show by snow across much of the nation, the snowboard industry is actively crossing all parts of its collective body in hopes of a prolonged and frosty winter rogering. However, while consumers’ stoke level seems to be high to get back out there and pick up where they left off in 2010/11, the weather has been in a holding period until recently, and the winter’s first round of snowboard sales data from SIAshowed a slight dip from last year.

“Snowboard equipment and apparel unit sales are down three percent through September this season,” explained SIA Director of Research Kelly Davis when we caught up with her to go through the early season snowboard-specific data. “There were a few bright spots—snowboard bottoms sales increased three percent and snowboard bindings sales are up three percent through September.”

Another bright spot is the fact that last winter started strong with early snow and sales, but tapered off when spring practically showed up in January to many parts of the country, a solid footnote not to read too much into early season data. Additionally, large storms in early November have moved up many opening days across the country, which should light a fire under pre-holiday sales.

Run through this gallery for an in depth look at the first round of data from the 2012/13 snowboard season: