Behind the Scenes at Fuel TV

Getting stuck in L.A. rush-hour traffic was a sacrifice Tranworld Business was willing to make in exchange for spending the day at FUEL TV. After the magazine covered the state of Skate TV in it’s February issue, we were long overdue for a visit. The professional production crew of The Daily Habit happened to be taping an episode on Tuesday staring eight-time world champion surfer Kelly Slater when we rolled in. Our tour guide, Fuel’s PR Director John Stouffer, gave Transworld the play-by-play on exactly what goes into putting together one of the station’s most popular series as he showed us around the set and control room. The studio building, which FUEL shares with a Los Angeles news network, is located just down the street from FUEL’s main headquarters and it’s pretty high tech.

After that, it was on to the Captain and Casey Show. A make-shift studio with a heaping pile of gag props, a break room with a fully stocked refrigerator of Bud Light and Modelo and a drum set was what Transworld found there – and to be honest, the laid-back atmosphere was a little more our style.

Spending the day in the world of television is enough to leave anyone wanting a job in front of the camera. Just ask Transworld’s Adam Sullivan and Rob Campbell. By the end of the day, it became evident that they may be in the wrong line of work.

Adam interviews Rob for a segment on the new Transworld Biz show “This Just In.” Stay tuned for more details.
Kelly chats with host and NBC Olympic commentator Pat Parnall and Camille, the show’s associate producer,
before filming begins.

It’s all glitz and glamor in show biz.

The control room staff, among a myriad of responsibilities, is in charge of keeping Pat on topic by sending him visual and audio cues and ensuring that each clip stays within the alloted time.

Back in the studio, some of the camera crew are caught in action.

Kelly and Pat after filming wrapped up. Staff had a hardout of 2 p.m., but Kelly had to leave by 1 p.m.

Later, on the other side of town: Casey’s pointing to where he’s headed. That’s right, space. Might wanna save some of that Astronaut Ice Cream for later, buddy.

The crew is hard at work doing some of their own traveling – time travel, that is. The Captain and company were getting medieval for an episode.

Instead of hanging around, Transworld Business ventured to the Seven Seas. Pictured: Adam, Adam’s Clam Beer (that’s an official term).

The Captain tears through the set on a borrowed bicycle as producers from a control room and the audience hoot and holler in approval.

They couldn’t seem to get this scene right in one take. Or two. Or ten.

The behind-the-scenes guys like to get attention sometimes, too. Although, it’s hard to tell whether he’s euphoric or slightly terrified here.


While the inside of the building still resembles a creepy abandoned preschool/strip club, outside is where the guys from Captain and Casey have made the set home. We couldn’t help snapping a photo of this apparent shrine for Transworld SKATE‘s Blair Alley on our way out.


It was a long, hard day’s work, but somebody had to do it and luckily for Transworld Business, Adam Sullivan stepped up. Then passed out.