Brand Profile: Outer Reef and Rhythms

Outer Reef and Rhythms

Based in Trinidad, Carribean with the intent to promote individuality and creativity within the culture of Skateboarding


We are pleased to present you with the mission for which Outer Skateboards was founded and hope that you will be able to share in our love and passion for helping the youth of the Caribbean recognize their true potential by leading an active lifestyle through extreme sport activity.

The first of its kind in the Caribbean; the company is dedicated to youth development through the field of Skateboarding. Outer Skateboards is the creator of a new and fresh line of skateboards; one of the first sporting companies in the Caribbean to do so. The boards are maple wood or bamboo and are printed in Orange County, California with artistic depictions from talented individuals across the globe.

Outer Skateboards’ focus is centered on the younger members of the population as we aim to harness and promote a culture of individuality and creativity through skateboarding.

The company was launched on 26th August 2012 in Trinidad and hosted a major skateboarding contest, which was met with much support and enthusiasm. Since then we have had a number of other exciting events to showcase these sports in the Caribbean and have most recently launched our Skateboarding Workshop to teach young kids the skill they need to learn to ride a skateboard. Our upcoming major contests are a Skateboarding Contest as well as a Dance Battle Contest in Trinidad on the 25th and 26th May 2013 respectively.

Outer Skateboards recently travelled to Mexico to launch the brand through engagement in skateboarding competitions where talented young adults in Mexico were awarded Outer skateboards as prizes for skateboarding excellence.

The company made a similar visit to Barbados recently to witness the talent of the young people there who were actively engaged and involved in the sport but were not able to excel at it due to inadequate facilities or equipment. As such, we hosted a competition where our skateboards where given out as prizes to some talented Barbadian skateboarders.

Outer Skateboards has since created a Caribbean Skateboard team with members from Trinidad, Barbados, Honduras and Mexico.

As a company founded in Trinidad and Tobago, it remains Outer Skateboards passion to develop sport within the Caribbean islands so that young people can create a more well balanced future for themselves. We strongly accept the responsibility to create a future for our children where they may be involved in positive acts of sport and art so that their eyes may be turned away from the ever-increasing tendency towards crime in our beautiful isles.

Outer Skateboards look towards the upcoming Skateboarding Contest and Dance Battle Contest to herald a new era in the Caribbean’s society for young people – a chance for them to express their passion, their emotions, and their love for all things unique and exciting.

The company will work with a number of talented people within the region to make the Skateboarding and Dance Battle Contests a true success. We are technology driven and most of our presentations, advertising materials and registration data for these contests will be posted online through our social networking sites and website. We currently have a fan base of over 10,000 persons on Facebook.

Looking to the future, Outer Skateboards is currently working with children’s homes and schools within the region to introduce them to a new dimension of sport in the Caribbean – skateboarding.

We truly hope that you will share our enthusiasm in creating this new lifestyle in the wider Caribbean. We will be honored for your magazine to feature us in one of your editions should you find our mission worthy.

The founders of Outer Skateboards are embarking on a new and wonderful journey of promoting a lifestyle of individuality and creativity through skateboarding in the Caribbean. An area that is deeply underdeveloped and virtually non-existent in present sporting arenas within our geographical area.

Outer Skateboards is thrilled to be enriching the lives of young individuals – young boys and girls who have never seen a skateboard let alone ride one. The excitement and enthusiasm that we have been able to spread over the past months has been encouraging and with enough support, we are on our way to spreading the passion for skateboarding in the region.

We encourage you to learn more about Outer Reef & Rhythms, by visiting the following links to get more information on all the activities which the company is presently involved in.