Clark Gundlach: Lore, Legends, And Outlooks From The SIA Board’s Boarders

Editor’s Note: When most people hear “SIA” they immediately think of the trade show, but SnowSports Industries America is much more than that. As a not-for-profit trade organization, it is run by its members and Board of Directors, of whom a third are from core snowboard brands with well over 100 years of collective industry experience. The SIA Board meets regularly to steer the organization’s goals, like increasing participation; services, like in-depth research data; and, yes, it’s trade show, to ensure SIA meets the needs of brands and retailers today, and in year’s to come.

As part of our series on the SIA Board of Director’s Boarders, we caught up with the SIA Board Third Vice Chair, SVP of Wintersports Quiksilver GM Clark Gundlach.

When did you join the SIA board?

I’ve been a board member since 2011.

What are your goals in steering SIA’s direction to better support the sport of snowboarding and its retailers and brands?

The membership of the SIA Board of Directors is designed to provide a voice from all segments of the industry. I’m partnered in the Board with several other snowboard industry leaders, and our collective voice resonates load and clear for what’s in the best interest of the sport, our retailers, and the snowboard brand community. It’s also our responsibility as board members to work together as a team to direct the strategic decisions towards what’s best for the entire SIA membership.

My goals are simple – advocate and provide a voice that supports the snowboard manufactures and retailer network.

 What resources does SIA offer retailers that they might not know about?

I’m often amazed by the many benefits of an SIA membership. Members can use SIA as a resource in their logistics, travel, insurance, marketing/PR, sourcing and raw materials, and human resources. SIA also provides insightful and up-to-date market intelligence and sales performance reporting. No other global snowsports marketplace has the detail and scope of industry reporting that SIA can provide. My advice; visit and spend a few minutes navigating thru all that SIA offers as a benefit of membership.

How has the snowboard side of the show changed since you began coming and what are your goals for the future?

Every year is an evolution. Every show brings new products, great innovation, fresh brands, and tech advancement. If you miss the SIA Show you miss the once a year opportunity to be in front of your snowsports business. Stay in front of your snowsports business – don’t miss the show.

What tips do you have for retailers attending the show to make the most of it?

Come with a plan and make time to explore.