EVENTS: Oakley Revolution Tour At Copper Mountain

Words and photos by Shannon “Shayboarder” Johnson

The Oakley Revolution Tour arrived at Copper Mountain on Monday, December 8th to salute those about to shred, bringing fresh new snowfall as the evening progressed and plenty of people to enjoy the festivities.

The tour of the O lab offered a glimpse into the product testing and quality standards of Oakley. Micah from the O team didn’t need to explain but rather show us how Oakley products held up through a variety of tests. The O lab put eyewear to four tests: Laser, Scope, High Mass and High Velocity to showcase what makes Oakley’s hold up under a variety of conditions.

After the tour was the entertainment, featuring a live DJ and drinks a plenty. Downstairs was the goggle bar, where each person could make their own customized goggle from various straps, lenses, frames and colors. As the party continued upstairs, eventually everyone in the bar had goggles on top of their heads as they socialized and listened to music. As the party continued on, the raffle prizes were announced and plenty of swag was given to those who stuck around. Many stayed in the warmth of the party until the last second in order to avoid the cold temperatures outside.

As the evening progressed and after of couple drinks, people made their way up to the brightly lit Copper halfpipe to watch Oakley’s skiers and snowboarders throw down. With temperatures dropping and the snow coming down, that didn’t stop any of the athletes from putting on a show for the people willing to brave the cold. People surrounded the halfpipe, taking photos and watching in awe as skiers and riders flew over their heads. A group of kids next to me were beyond stoked to watch the skiers and one boy lit up when he was able to touch a pair of Tanner Hall’s skis.

In order to get down from the halfpipe the slope was filled with people doing their best penguin slides to the base. It was a good way to end the night by enjoying a good slide in the fresh snow.