Gigi Rüf Claims 2012/13 Snowboard Exposure-Meter Title

Gigi Rüf Claims 2012/13 Snowboard Exposure-Meter Title

Congratulations Gigi. Photo: Dragon

After temporarily relinquishing his title to Travis Rice last season, Gigi Rüf is back on top, earning himself the title of Exposure-Meter Champion for the overall 2012/13 season. Rüf is no stranger to the top of the meter, as he has not only held the lead for the past three months, but also nabbed the overall title for both the 2009/10 and 2010/11 Exposure-Meter battles. Gigi boasts an impressive roster of sponsors—Dragon, Union, Nike, Stance, hOme Watches, Burn Energy, and Celtek— who supported his push to the top of the podium, but what makes this legend’s victory a no-brainer is his effortless style and his epic talent. Now riding his own brand of snowboards, Slash by Gigi, Rüf is pushing his riding to new limits, as evidenced by his triumph at the Red Bull Ultranatural in February— without doubt the gnarliest backcountry competition on the scene. Rüf has been an industry staple for years, a true embodiment of the heart and soul of snowboarding: forget the gimmicks, Rüf simply knows how to ride.

“Gigi has been one of those guys we have all watched through the years from the Kingpin movies to Pirates, Absinthe and more, and every time he drops in you want to see what comes next,” says Nike Snowboarding Global Sports Marketing Jonathan Weaver. “It’s no wonder he tops the Exposure-Meter as he is like a dream for a photographer, creative as can be, great style, and reads terrain like few can.  He is one of the greats.”

We caught up with the man to congratulate him on his success:

How has this past season been for you? What are a few highlights?

The season pretty much started with sales meetings in Venice, Italy for Union Bindings. It was a nice gathering to present the new Contact Pro binding, and they showed an exclusively made video in the Cinema…then a long start up phase riding my home runs in Austria, which were lead by steady snowfalls. After that I was invited to the Air and Style Session, with all of the Tradeshows quickly following. In February I traveled to Canada where I won the Ultranatural Event…that whole event was once again crazy—for sure a highlight of the season!

gigi ruf
Gigi getting ‘er.

What does this win mean to you and to your sponsors?

Since there weren’t any interviews done with magazines this past year, winning the Exposure Meter award belongs to my sponsors for making it happen. Thanks to Nike, Dragon, Union, Burn, Celtek, Stance and hOme Watches.

Slash Snowboards has been an exciting addition to the market—how has this past winter gone as far as the brand is concerned?

It’s a real treat riding the board I want. My people around Nidecker Snowboards and PaprikoInk have put in a great effort to let me have those moments on the mountain.

With Slash already taking off, are any new projects in the works?

From the early days of the brand I have had my expectations set on the third year. We might still need to find a definition to what the coming year [year two] will hold.

Clearly you earned yourself a significant chunk of coverage this season— how do you plan to keep that momentum up throughout the coming year?

Doing exciting things. Being inspired and a good Dad!

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