GrindMedia Group Publisher On Discontinuing Skateboarder

In light of news from GrindMedia that Skateboarder will discontinue regular frequency publishing, we talked with Grind SVP Norb Garrett to discuss what the decision means for the title, the magazine group, and the skateboard industry as a whole. Here’s what he had to say.

What’s The Story: RIP Skateboarder Mag

Does this mean that Skateboarder will no longer be putting out a digital and/or print edition at all, or will the frequency just decrease? 

No more regular digital issues or print. Only specials in the future.

Will Grind be looking at implementing the digital model developed for Skateboarder for TransWorld SKATE now?

We’ll be applying all of the learnings from the many successes of the Skateboarder digital model to all of our brands including TransWorld Skateboarding.

What does this mean for the staff at Skateboarder after October – Will there be any cuts there?

We have an amazingly talented editorial and sales team; hopefully we’ll be able to retain some of them.

What message do you think this sends about the overall skateboard market at this time?

This decision is more about portfolio management and a business decision in light of challenging economic conditions than anything else. We want to focus on owning and operating No. 1 and/or No. 2 brands in their respective categories, and the changes we’ve made reflect that philosophy. No one should mistake this as an example of the digital magazine approach failing. The platform was proving to be a success in terms of audience development and consumer/advertiser engagement.

What are your thoughts on the overall media landscape and what are some of the bright spots you see for the future?

The media landscape has never been more dynamic and exciting, and we are better positioned now to focus our energies on growing our brands and audiences.