John John Maintains Surf Exposure-Meter Lead

Photo Phinish: Top Shots

The man, the myth, the photographer: Tom Carey. One of Surfing Magazine’s own, Carey has been racking up killer reels all season, and apparently he’s keen to keep them coming. And Carey isn’t the only hot shot on Surfing’s roster, as Jimmicane and Wilson nab their respective silver and bronze medals. This podium marks an impressive move by Wilson, who shot from April’s 14th place finish into third. Shoved out of second, Struntz sits back in fifth, just a step behind TransWorld SURF’s Seth Stafford. MacFarlane slips into seventh, as Dorsey falls back a spot into a very respectable sixth. Eighth goes to Noyle, backed up by Brent Bielmann with ninth. The last spot is snapped up by Glaser, who quickly breaks up Ellis and Russo’s April tie by shoving them both off the meter. Well played, Mr. Glaser, well played.

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