John John Maintains Surf Exposure-Meter Lead

Photo Phinish: Top Shots

The man, the myth, the photographer: Tom Carey. One of Surfing Magazine's own, Carey has been racking up killer reels all season, and apparently he's keen to keep them coming. And Carey isn't the only hot shot on Surfing's roster, as Jimmicane and Wilson nab their respective silver and bronze medals. This podium marks an impressive move by Wilson, who shot from April's 14th place finish into third. Shoved out of second, Struntz sits back in fifth, just a step behind TransWorld SURF's Seth Stafford. MacFarlane slips into seventh, as Dorsey falls back a spot into a very respectable sixth. Eighth goes to Noyle, backed up by Brent Bielmann with ninth. The last spot is snapped up by Glaser, who quickly breaks up Ellis and Russo's April tie by shoving them both off the meter. Well played, Mr. Glaser, well played.

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Chalk One Up For The Ladies

With nearly 1.5 million interactions in April, not only did Alana Blanchard maintain the Social Index lead, she managed to triple her buffer over Kelly Slater from 400k to over 1.2 million. Right on her tail in April was Bethany Hamilton, who logged 1.1 million points, bumping her up onto the podium, in third overall. Give it up for the girls!

The rest of the faces in the top ten stayed steady this round with some jostling including Taj Burrow getting bumped off the leader board into 12th.


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Channel Islands Enjoys The View From The Top


Moving from surfers to surf boards, the May Logo Meter underwent a bit of a makeover, though Channel Islands continues to enjoy the top spot. Monster follows suit, holding tight to silver even as O'Neill gets kicked off of the podium but new bronze medalist Nixon. With O'Neill relegated to fourth, Quiksilver hops out of sixth place tie with Al Merrick into a fifth place tie with Volcom. Yet another tie presents itself in this round of mags, with ninth place boasting both Hurley and Rockstar.


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Wilson Wins Face-Off

Staying in tune with April's Edit battle, the face-off for face-time saw the same top three this month: Julian Wilson nabbed the crown with a little support from Hurley, while Jordy Smith's Future Fins and Neff ads earn him a close second. Third place is once again Anthony Walsh's, as he and GoPro nab a solid stake in this month's mags. Bruce Irons nailed fourth after an impressive 14-spot hop, with John John following suit with an 11-place improvement that lands him in fifth. Andrew Doheny and Volcom fall back from fourth to sixth, one step ahead of a three-way tie keeping Ian Walsh, Parko, and Nathaniel Curran stagnant in seventh. Taking a step in the right direction is Dillon Perillo, who kindly volunteers to play goalie at the gates of the top ten.

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Edit Wars: Florence Is Feature-Worthy

Keeping things a little more consistent, the Edit Meter maintains its top three, with gold going to Florence, silver to Graves, and bronze to Bruce Irons. Dusty Payne hangs tight to fourth, while Mitch Coleborn and Shane Dorian each step up one spot, landing in fifth and sixth, respectively. Nate Tyler steps back into seventh, a step ahead of eighth place's Jack Freestone. Wrapping up the Edit battle, Chippa Wilson and Gabriel Medina stay strong in ninth and tenth.

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The flowers are blooming, the birds are singing, and John John Florence has yet to relinquish his reign. In addition to yet another overall victory, John John retains the top spot on the Edit Meter, and moves up an impressive 11 spots to nab fifth in the Ad race. The top ten came down with some spring fever, getting restless and revamping its ranks. Bruce Irons swapped last month's third for second, forcing Dylan Graves to trade in his silver for bronze. Jordy Smith got blind-sided by Julian Wilson, and pushed back into fifth as Wilson stole fourth. Dusty Payne stepped from seventh into sixth, while Anthony Walsh and Shane Dorian aired six spots, into seventh and eighth, respectively. Craig Anderson, for his part, rose seven spots to wrap up the overall top ten.

Amongst the melee of big moves, however, seat-swap of the month undoubtedly goes to Ezekiel Lau, who managed to nab a spot-light feature in Surfer and trade in a 91st place finish in last month's meter for 17th place this time around. Florence, Graves, and Irons round out the Edit podium, while Julian Wilson, Jordy Smith, and Anthony Walsh hold it down for the advertisers. Channel Islands stands tall with the Logo title, while Carey stays strong at the front of the photog pack. These surfers can smell summer, and their restless souls keep our meter quite interesting; so stay tuned, ladies and gents, the show has only just begun.