Master Plan Communications Annual Offshore Fishing Mission 2014

master plan communications offshore fishing mission 2014

Master Plan Communications Annual Offshore Fishing Mission 2014

Words: Blair Alley, TWS

The Godfather of industry fishing trips, Master Plan Communications founder Ashton Maxfield, put the proverbial Bat Symbol in the sky months ago, stoking the fire of tuna lore, locking down an overnight fishing voyage Friday, July 11-12 after Agenda Long Beach aboard the always fruitful Apollo skippered by Jody Morgan.

These storied missions go down every summer, however I've missed the last couple years so I was beyond juiced to get on board for this one. Friday night, we cracked PBRs with some familiar faces: Don Brown from Sole Tech, Mario Miller from Active, fishing vet and Sole Tech sales rep Carter Katz, Joey from Salty Crew, BL!SS Editor Joey Marshall —and I met a ton of new anglers straight away that became fast friends over the next 24 hours: Todd Wakeling from Active, Albert Hernandez from Stashed Boxes, Patrick Hourihan from Malakye, and more.

"Spending one-on-one time on this Master Plan Communications fishing trip with our sales rep Carter Katz and executives from brands, like Don Brown, without the distractions of a trade show is really valuable."—Todd Wakeling, Sr. Director of Merchandise for Active Ride Shop.

Photos: MPC’s Michael Custodio

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Some rowdy poker games got going inside the galley as we motored out to our 45-mile destination in the middle of the Pacific. I brought my friend The Hoanger strictly for comic relief on this mission and he didn't disappoint, zinging everyone with one-liners and literally kicking people in the ass if he broke them in Black Jack!

Next thing you know it's 5 a.m. and we're out in the deck casting lines and setting the trollers. For the next 10 hours, I witnessed more tuna being gaffed onto a deck than I ever have before. Yellowfin, Bluefin, and a ton of Yellowtail. It was glorious chaos! Everybody got something (well except for Patrick, sorry bud.) Hoang and Ashton even went as far as to eat the still-beating hearts out of their first catches!

“One of my favorite annual events is the MPC Mexican fishing trip! Hanging with the amazing retailers and media onboard that ship is priceless… And, they can’t escape my bullshit for 24 hours of being stuck on a boat.”— Don Brown, Chief Brand Strategist for Sole Technology.

More beers were cracked and we sat down to a delicious pasta dinner as we headed back to Quivira Basin in Mission Bay.

Upon our return, Jody, Carter and Ashton gave out the trophies as has become tradition. Joey won biggest fish with a whopper of a Yellowtail, Hoanger won Best Drunk, Michael Custodio, the photographer, won First To Puke, Albert won Worst Fisherman, and Mike won Most Fish. Our grand total looked like this:

17 Yellowfin

43 California Yellowtail

6 Bluefin Tuna

Can't wait for next year!


Brands, retailers and media represented:

Master Plan Communications 





Pabst Blue Ribbon



Transworld Skateboarding


Active Ride Shop 

Salty Crew



Stashed Boxes 

Apollo Sport Fishing Chartered by Captain Jody Morgan. The 65 foot Apollo is a top of the line luxury fishing vessel that is fully equipped.


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