Oakley X Games Media Night

The X Games is more than just a contest. For a week in January, Aspen becomes the hub of the snowboarding industry, and the event offers a great opportunity for brands and athletes to tell their stories. For the last four years Oakley has kicked off the X Games with a media event at their house. TransWorld stopped by to check it out and catch up with Oakley Sports Marketing Media Manager Matt Murray

TWB: What’s the story with Winter X Games Media Night?

Oakley Media Night has always been a chance to mingle with local, regional, national, international, endemic and non-endemic media before the hustle and bustle of the Winter X Games truly kicks off. The past two years we have partnered up with Target, this year we are working with Red Bull. The focus of the event is to allow for a fun night, but a working media night. Meaning athletes are available to interview in person, one-on-one without the craziness of the event happening. Additionally we walk the media through our latest product lines, last year the focus was GB’s Signature Line and this year it’s our apparel Pro Rider Series. But every year we have tons of fun things to do like pool, ping pong, foosball, Oakley Custom Goggle Bar, VIP Media Gift Bags, Private Chef serving sushi, open bar and just a great atmosphere to kick it with your industry friends.

TWB: Why do you feel it’s a good opportunity for Oakley?

Basically the night is a chance to give back to our media friends and family. Let them have a great time, learn about the brand and our athletes, and really have a true opportunity to chat with the everyone before things get too crazy.

Oakley is a brand that strives for perfection and innovation with that being said we find it important to portray our lifestyle to the media in the best way possible. We find this happens best at events like this where we involve the brand, staff (Sports Marketing, Marketing and PR), athletes, product and our stories. Tonight we will have our “Oakley Week” from FUEL TV on the television screens, which is another great example of Oakley activating in a unique and fun fashion by telling our stories. Additionally, this night would not be possible without our PR Team, Sports Marketing Team, Athletes and of course this year Red Bull coming on huge and definitely representing!!


Photos: Liam Gallagher