Rob Dyrdek On Street League’s Future

The first series of Street League Skateboarding came to an end last Saturday and amongst all the frenzy, Rob Dyrdek made time to speak with TransWorld Business about the contest and  explain his thoughts on its future after hosting the first season’s comps.

Rob Dyrdek

Dyrdek looks at the competition as a work in progress. In 2004, Dyrdek first began to really lay Street League’s groundwork, but had to put the project on the back burner for some time.
“At the opening of the first skate plaza in June of 2005, I had my first pilot for the contest concept,” says Dyrdek. “We basically broke the plaza up into three sections—the line section, the ledge section and the big section. Then we had a contest there with Paul [Rodriguez], Tommy Sandoval, Chris Cole and everybody, and Chris Cole won that at the time. I think there was a $50,000 prize purse at the time and he won $34,000 of it. That was sort of the beginning and the true test of taking a real street environment, breaking it up into the individual lanes and having a contest on it. That was where that first happened.”

After all is said and done, Dyrdek is proud of the new format but looks to the future for making the competition all it can be.

“I’m going to do whatever it takes to make it better and better,” said Dyrdek. “Ultimately I have the last say and everyone in this [industry] knows that my interest is skateboarding.”

“We created a very unique scoring system to create a range and make sure guys don’t get under judged or over judged and it just needs refining,” says Dyrdek. “Now, we get to spend the whole year refining it and making it as good as we possibly can.”

Look for the full interview with Rob in an upcoming issue of TransWorld Business where he covers the history of Street League, concerns with the new format and plans to enhance and expand Street League Skateboarding.