Skate Exposure Meter – January 2008

MJ Comes Out On Top In First Month Of New Year

It's a fresh start to a new year, and as hinted at last month, Marc Johnson is off to a big start. A cover, an interview, and a boatload of ads propelled him above and beyond the reaches of most of the 280-plus contenders this month. In fact, the only ones who gave MJ a run for his money were Fred Gall, who had a cover and not one, but two interviews in the same month (how often does that happen?) and John Rattray, who had a Thrasher interview, Zero ad support (that's Zero the brand, not "absolutely no" ad support), and plenty of coverage from his video part in Osiris' Feed The Need.

It's no surprise that along with a video release there comes a wealth of editorial coverage. More than half of the Lakai team made it into the top 50 overall. Silas Baxter-Neal, Marc Johnson, and Fred Gall all had covers to promote their videos (hell, Silas had two!). Sean Malto won The Skateboard Mag's Year's Best Am award and scored both a cover and an interview.

The funny thing about the January tally is that it's solely based on one month's data. The rest of the year is a cumulative tally, but for now, if you had an interview or cover, you're sitting pretty. And if it was your turn in the ad rotation, you might have even made it into the top 50. Interestingly enough, it was Karl Watson who had the most advertising exposure this month, followed closely with JohnRattray, Braydon Szafranski, and Erik Ellington, none of whom have recent videos to promote.

Points are awarded as follows: cover = 2,000 points; poster = 2,000 points; back cover = 1,000 points; full spread = 1,000 points; full-page photo = 500 points; half-page photo = 200 points; quarter-page action shot = 125 points; less than a quarter shot = 100 points; mug shot = 100 points. Points are divided into two categories: editorial and advertising.

The Top Ten Overallskate_tallies_jan08.jpg