Solid Snowboards: 2010/11 Snowboard Preview

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RIP Van Wastell Rev Camber 155: $410 & Bluebird Eagle Rev Camber 159: $400
RIP Van Wastell Rev Camber 155: $410 & Bluebird Eagle Rev Camber 159: $400


Ron Bureta, co-owner:

What opportunities do you see for hardgoods sales?

We just want to be in Core Skate shops, that know what's up, and just want great boards with a skate style look and feel. Sorry no neon here.

What are the biggest forces shaping the changes and developments you've made
to your boards?

We don't have "price points" all are boards are priced fair and have materials we want in them, if we wouldn't ride it, we wont make it. Sticking to our Skate Style of snowboards, this year the legend, Mark Gonzales did a tribute graphic to Van Wastell, Kurt's Brother, that passed away and was pro for gonz skateboard company Krooked, sure to be a collector.

What's your philosophy on camber these days?
We got both; camber and reverse, both are good, all about personal preference.

Ron Bureta & Kurt Wastell
Ron Bureta & Kurt Wastell

Any new materials or construction technologies?
We've been using Bamboo since the rebirth, very good pop and is "green," also some hemp to replace fiberglass.

What themes are you seeing for graphics?
We are just doing our style, not paying attention to what others are doing, that's the biggest problem in this industry everyone bites everyone, think for your self.

What market segment are you focusing on? How and why?

We are skateboarders at heart, so we focus on the skateboarder that also snowboards, we like to be in Skate shops that just sell snowboards on the side.

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