Surf Expo’s Roy Turner On Addition Of Internet Retailer To Summer Show

Surf Expo’s Roy Turner On Internet Retailer Partnership

Surf Expo announced late last year that this September’s trade show would feature a new show-in-show concept integrating Internet Retailer’s workshops to provide retailers looking to expand their presence online with a deeper set of tools.

Internet Retailer is a national e-commerce and technology conference launched in 2005 that features approximately 600 e-commerce vendors and attracts nearly 9,000 e-retailing and e-commerce executives over a four-day period.

As the days fly by and we steadily approach the next round of trade shows, we checked in with Surf Expo Show Director Roy Turner to hear what the new IR Focus: Surf Expo show brings to the table, what’s in store as far as key take-aways, and how you can better prepare to incorporate the seminars into your trade show schedule this September.

Why did you decide to add Internet Retailer to this summer’s show?

In November of 2012 our parent company, GLM, acquired the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition (IRCE), the leading e-commerce event in the United States, and two allied events – Internet Retailer Mobile Marketing & Commerce Forum (MMCF) and Internet Retailer Web Design and Usability Conference (IRWD).

With Internet retailing and e-commerce being important growth topics for the retailers and suppliers who attend Surf Expo as well as other GLM shows, we felt that bringing this expertise to our individual shows was simply a natural extension of the current market place and something that could help provide the educational basis to help our attendees, both retailers and suppliers, grow their businesses.

Surf Expo's Roy Turner and Sean O'Brien.
Surf Expo’s Roy Turner and Sean O’Brien.

What will the format look like?

IR Focus will bring e-commerce expertise to Surf Expo with an inaugural conference and exhibition, located right on the show floor. Whether you are just starting out, or need to expand your online expertise, IR Focus: Surf Expo offers four half-day workshops on Friday, September 6 and Saturday, September 7 that are perfect for growing online business.

Will there be a fee for retailers?

Yes.We have presented an affordable pricing schedule for seminars and access to all IR related booths will be free, like other booths at Surf Expo.

Seminar Pricing:

One Seminar: $99

Two Seminars: $170 ($85 each)

Three Seminars: $225 ($75 each)

Four Seminars: $249 ($62.25 each)

Space is limited and interested parties can register online at

What can they expect the key takeaways to be?

The team at Internet Retailer have put together a great group of programs and related speakers for our attendees based on real problems with input from lifestyle and online experts.


Customer Support

Order Management / Payments

Marketing / Merchandising / Social Media

Email Marketing

Search Engine Optimization


Industry Expert Speakers:



Insight Outcomes

Jimmy Jazz

Life is good Company

Motorcycle Superstore

Perry Ellis International

Sport Chalet

Vertical Urge

Warehouse Skateboards

Wholesale Marine

ROI Revolution

You recently visited the IR show in Chicago. What kind of feedback were you getting?

I have attended Internet Retailers for years, before coming to Surf Expo, as an online business owner and digital marketing agency owner. The June 2013 show was the best yet—the caliber of speakers was excellent and the overriding theme revolved around the Internet and a new global retail economy. With more than 200 speakers, 100 sessions, and 600 online related exhibitors, IRCE once again proved to be a must for anyone doing retail online. We are super excited about introducing the Internet Retailer team to Surf Expo.

Do you see this as a time suck for retailers as far as not seeing as many brands that are paying to exhibit?

No, not at all. Sessions can be purchased individually or as a group and we are seeing many retailers bringing specific staff that handle their online to our show for the first time. Session times are 45 minutes, so as to allow easy scheduling.

Trade shows are meant to be a reflection of our customers’ businesses and it would be hard to argue that online has not become an important topic to all.

IR at Surf Expo will be more than the sessions, as IR will have a great representation of Internet related service providers onsite as well. We want retailers to be able to take advantage of all Surf Expo has to offer and understand that online is becoming as much a part of retail as finding the right product mix.

To help, we are opening the show at 8:00 a.m., not 9:00 a.m., giving all vendors and retailers an additional hour on the floor regardless of whether they plan to attend IR at Surf Expo or not.