Surf Exposure-Meter: The John John Florence Show

Title: The John John Florence Show

Excerpt: Florence retains the top spot across all meters, while Carey remains a behind-the-lens legend and Channel Islands continues its command over the land of logos.



Expo-Meter Prodigy John John Florence Still Number One Across The Board


With just one month to go, John John Florence has taken another—his ninth consecutive, to be exact—overall Exposure-Meter win, yet again leaving Slater to pick up his sloppy seconds. Dane Reynold's podium push has been kept at bay, with Julian Wilson and Josh Kerr taking over third and fourth, respectively, leaving Reynolds to round out the top five. Mover of the Month goes to Ando, for slashing five spots to sit pretty in seventh place— which may just be his lucky number, as he holds down that same spot on the Edit Meter.



Julian Wilson And Jordy Smith Duel, Make Their Mark On The Top Ten


Looks like it's another Meter-topping month for John John, who takes first in the realm of features. Apparently content on playing wingman, Kelly Slater sticks close to Florence and keeps his second place swag. Swapping with Chippa Wilson, Reynolds has made his way into the top three, behind the domination of Florence and Kelly, who are still holding tight to their respective first and second place posts. With a fierce battle amongst the pages of Surfing, Julian Wilson and Jordy Smith have earned their stripes and jumped into the waters of the top ten; Wilson and his cover shot aired over eight spots to take sixth. 



Ad Waters Stay Stagnant Through November Mags


The top three stayed static through November's titles, with Florence, Kerr, and Slater taking their spots atop the podium. Florence is putting in the face time with O'Neill and Nixon, while Kerr's prolific Rusty campaign and Slater's GoPro selfies are holding down some solid ad space. With the exception of Craig Anderson's drop from the top, the top ten ad whores have remained strong; the biggest move coming from Bede Durbidge, who shoved Jamie O'Brien to the boundary line in order to steal ninth place.



Channel Islands Maintains Logo Meter Lead


Keeping up its reign over Logo-land, Channel Islands takes the top spot in this month's Meter. Last month's silver-medal finisher, Volcom, has relinquished its status to Quiksilver and taken a step back into third place. For its part, Monster has kindly swapped its fifth place post with Red Bull's sixth, with Billabong took notes from the same playbook and traded up to take Hurley's seat in seventh. Oakley is stepping up its game, drawing a 'move ahead four' card and effectively pushing Nixon to the back of the pack.



Carey's 'Nightmare' Keeps Him Living The Dream


After providing a look inside his "Mexican Nightmare" for Surfing, Carey maintains his spot atop the Photo Meter leader board. Second place stays steady in the hands of Stafford, while Glaser snaps his way into third. Glaser made moves after taking a look through the lens at the legends of surf alongside Ellis for Surfer. For his part, Ellis racked up the money-shots and moved up six to take eighth. Bielmann remains in the middle of a Struntz-Glaser sandwich, though Glaser's move forced Struntz back to the boundary of the top five. Towards the tail end of the top ten, Lawrence has edged out Dorsey to take tenth and cap off this month's meter.