Switchback Bindings Founder On New Brand And The Next Generation Of No-Backs

Bataleon Director and Switchback Founder Dennis Dusseldorp

The 12/13 snowboard season could quite possibly go down as the year that binding technologies became the new rocker. The binding game has changed faster in the last few months than it has in the last decade as new technologies and brands seek to enhance your connection to your board.

One new brand that caught our eye is Switchback Bindings, which is releasing at SIA. Founded by Bataleon Director Dennis Dusseldorp and co-founded by Bataleon Art Director Danny Kiebert, the new bindings allow riders to customize their look with a variety of different colored, interchangable parts, and also include a patented system to remove the highback at the drop of a hat. With a totally tool-less binding, you can adjust your angles and set up on the fly as well.

We caught up with Dusseldorp to get the low down about the new brand and the return of no back riding.

Congrats on launching Switchback. How long has this project been in the works and why did you decide to get into the binding game?
Thanks, exciting times for sure!  The idea of doing our own binding has been on my/our minds for a few years. We however didn’t want to come out with something that is “another good binding” cause there are a bunch of good bindings on the market right now. What I was looking for is something just like we did with the Triple Base Technology. I wanted something unique, something that really sets us apart from what is currently available, a real game changer.

The main idea for Switchback came about two years ago when I was riding spring conditions in Europe at a retailer event. I noticed a few riders on the hill  riding without a high-back, Jake OE being one of them. Seeing these guys do it made me curious to try it again but I just could not get myself to pick up tools and remove the high-back. It seemed fun and the riders were stoked so three days later when someone gave me his board set up without high-backs I finally gave it a go. I really liked how it felt specially in the real soft spring conditions—it was like surfing. The freedom feels great and I was having a good time. But then the next morning when I wanted to lay some hard turns while the slopes were freshly groomed and still firm I was missing my high-backs again. In the car back to the office I called the boys at the office and the project started.

Get a sneak peek of Switchback’s ’12/13 catalog:


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