Tampa Pro: As Seen From Room 402 of the Hampton Inn

From what I gather, the Tampa pro contest is going off. There's a lot of talk about who is ripping, a couple names thrown out were Brian Anderson and Paul Rodriguez. I wouldn't know, though, because I got food poisoning. Here's my day:


We landed, went to the hotel, and then went out to the Castle. The Senator was there. The Senator is an old man that dresses in womens' lingerie (is there such a thing as mens' lingerie?) and dances around with a raging boner all night. Ask around, I'm dead serious.


This is the room at the Hampton that I stayed in. Poor judgement on my part, in the form of a hotel-lobby microwave pizza earned me a bout of food poisoning for the next 12 hours. I didn't shoot any photos of that, though.


Meet the G that killed me.


This guy is apparently a comedian whose schtick is to resemble a member of the Insane Clown Posse, only creepier, if that's possible.


In Tampa, people airbrush their cars in honor of their favorite candy.


I jumped into a car with the Osiris team and headed to the St. Pete street plaza. My board was in the Transworld Car, though, so I shot photos. Here's John's next Osiris ad. He definitely dorked around with us, and then went on to win $15,000 for second place.


After watching skateboarding all day, only the nerdiest of nerds gathers to watch more skating. This is about midway through Fully Flared.


Mark Gonzales, Lance Mountain, and Neil Blender had an art show at the Cuban Club. It was a walk down memory lane, for sure. Zoo York's Seamus Deegan catches up with Transworld's Jamey Stone and Ben Kelly.


This painting of Lance's was huge. Can you find the subliminal swoosh?


Gonz Art.


This is a Gonz portrait of Danny Way.


Shuriken Shannon is a connoisseur of fine art, and even finer tre flips. In his first pro contest ever he qualified second, and placed tenth. Not bad!


Alphanumeric TM Danny Wallace and Osiris Marketing Manager Mike Fitz.


This is what the contest course looks like when you get to sit up on top, like I did. Rattray and Shuriken were ripping, and…

They qualified first and second! It's Shuriken's first pro contest and he barfed after his first run. Then we went out for sushi and responsible beers to celebrate.


This is Felix and Koston planning their runs.


It's hard to believe that once the sun goes down, this street is essentially full of people and alcohol. Here, it looks like that I Am Legend movie where Will Smith is the last person on Earth. And this wasn't at the crack of dawn or anything, it's like 10:30.


This is the Starbucks where I got a tea every morning. Today I stood in line with the Band of Horses singer. (Not pictured: the Band of Horses singer).


When I finally went to check in at the Skatepark, the guy asked me my name and I told him. He couldn't find it so I told him to look for Transworld Business. He did, and there were two names: Jay Riggio and Mike somebody. Busted, guys.


Then I saw Mike Fitz and he bought me a banana.

Check out Transworld SKATE for more photos and videos from the Tampa Pro, and for the complete list of results at Skate Park of Tampa’s official site, look HERE.