The Boardroom Announces Chunk Of Foam Challange

Win $1,000 shaping a surfboard from foam.

Think you’ve got the magic touch when it comes to surfboard shaping? Here’s your chance to win $1,000 from The Boardroom during their Chunk of Foam Challange, where contestants will test their luck shaping the perfect board from foam. The contest takes place in Orlando, Florida September 7 and 8 at The Boardroom at Surf Expo.

Check out the full release for more details:

(June 10, 2013 , Orlando, Florida) — There are hundreds of world-class surfboard shapers, but who can really shape a surfboard from just a chunk of foam? Is there a shaper who can create a board using just their hands, a few primitive tools and their inner vision? The good folks at The Boardroom think there are and plans on finding out during the Chunk of Foam Challenge in Orlando, Florida September 7 & 8 at The Boardroom at Surf Expo.

“Harken back to the days of ancient Polynesian board building,” says Scott Bass, producer of The Boardroom. “Boards were made out of chunks of wood. If you wanted a board you found a tree. We are tweaking that concept just a touch. We are challenging a selection of top-echelon shapers to create a surfboard out of an 8’ x 2’ chunk of foam. That’s it. The Chunk of Foam Challenge is an attempt to see who can really shape a good board without the modern accoutrements.”

Four shapers.
Each shaper will receive four hours in the shaping bay.
No close tolerance blank.
No template.
No pre-fab rocker.
No stringer.
No modern measuring devices.

Each shaper will spin the wheel to determine the basic design parameters they will be shaping: a MR-style twin fin, a Hanapepe slipper nose gun, or a six channel thruster.
They may use only one power tool of their choice and a hand saw.
A 10″ piece of string with a nail at each end will be the only tool available for measuring.
Hand sanding devices and finishing tools will be used.


The Chunk of Foam Challenge is just one of the many exhibits and demos for enjoyment, information and insight all taking place at The Boardroom at Surf Expo this September 7 & 8 in Orlando, Florida. The Boardroom also features exhibits and demos including live shaping, live laminating, live music, short films, slide shows, DIY workshops for surfboards/skateboards, the Art Grotto, a pro skate demo, and the Icons of Foam Tribute to the Masters Shape-off presented by US Blanks honoring legendary East Coast shaper Rich Price.

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