The Board Room: Osiris’ Executive Team On Brand Marketing Strategies

Osiris is ramping up its marketing strategies lately, strengthening its crew  by bringing back original founders Tony Chen as President and Doug Weston as VP, and also with the recent addition of Hans Molenkamp as Global Marketing Director. With that has come a shift in the thinking behind the brand, including a renewed investment in multi-media, with a specific push behind video development. Back in September, Osiris launched a commercial featuring several team riders including PLG, Corey Duffel, and  Daryl Tocco, as well as graffiti artist Risk and Del The Funky Homosapien. Within one week, the commercial received 400,000 hits online and was airing on Fuel TV and MTV. Osiris plans to roll out longer clips from the commercial, filmed by acclaimed Hollywood Director Nicholaus Goossen, which will feature break out pieces from Duffel and Tocco.

 TransWorld Business recently caught up with Chen, Weston, Molenkamp, and original founder and Chief Creative Officer Brian Reid to find out more about producing the commercial, product development, sales and what the future holds.

Tell us  a little about the concept and idea behind the commercial?

Brian Reid: The whole reason we did the commercial the way we did – it wasn’t focused on product, it was focused on brand image and lifestyle. So you have the black and white with the film noir, and we popped it with the corporate orange, but it was really accessible. And like with Corey – obviously he was hurt, but we wanted him to go out and do something that people could actually go out and do. We wanted him to go out and bomb a hill. Not everyone can flip in and flip out, that’s very difficult and actually intimidating. Even with Daryl’s trick,  the trick wasn’t the hardest, it was just shot well. The end result was, we wanted to focus on the brand image and make sure it wasn’t limited to just one thing or one person.

Was that your concept or the director’s concept?

BR: It was more our concept. Nick Goossen is a Hollywood director. He is not necessarily a skateboarder. He gets the culture. That’s where Hans and I did our job to educate him on the shoots and certain things you can or can’t do.

How long had you been working on that with him?

BR: We worked with him from February to May.

That’s killer that the response has been so overwhelmingly positive. 

BR: We’re talking skateboarders here, so there’s a lot of hate—the fact that it’s been overwhelmingly positive [is great].

So, what’s next? 

HM: A lot of the stuff we are developing is pushing [things] as a lifestyle brand, and not really being pigeonholed in one genre. Obviously it’s rooted in skateboarding and skateboarding has been a major part of our DNA, but its spread – everyone knows the success of the brand has come from multiple types of shoes that aren’t all skate specific. We are looking at how we can develop something that is a lot larger. This isn’t something that’s happened overnight. We transitioned a long time ago.

Now that we’ve created a commercial, we care committed to doing more of those for next year. This was the test  and the response has been so overwhelming that we’ve started to budget for more. I think that’s just going to show our commitment and where we position ourselves. We are more than profitable this year and we are going to keep rocking and rolling.

What do you think is responsible for Osiris gaining a larger reach?

I think the design is a part of it, and the end consumer who is purchasing the stuff. There has been a big departure from “I only wear skate shoes” [amongst skaters]. They have more lifestyle influences. We’ve had success in that area for a long time.  I think it’s good because it spreads the word that you don’t have to wear [just] a vulcanized shoe.

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